Project Description

Zebra Vega ArtCar (1983-1988)

My first ArtCar. Your car is like a second skin, a second set of clothes. I like to express myself through my appearance, and I didn’t feel like a 1977 Chevy Vega kind of guy. I felt like a new wave, sub genius, west coast, artist kind of guy. In 1983 animal print imagery was in the air like Ska music, so I painted my car to match a bandana I had and bolted some deer antlers to it. I was AMAZED by the reactions I received. Pretty much all positive and it wasn’t long before I resolved that all my future vehicles would be ArtCars.

I didn’t think I invented the concept of turning a car into an artwork, but I didn’t know any other ArtCar artists and didn’t hear the term “ArtCar” until I met Harrod Blank in 1992.

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