Artist Statement

Toys were never innocent playthings to me. I have always seen them as darker symbols of the culture that made them. Their struggle freezes together in my “Color Story” series.

While I’m suspicious of the helpful attitudes of action figures, I trust decay. Rust and rot supply beauty that only time can make. I celebrate this in my “Patina of Decay” series.

I rarely start off with a design in mind; rather I prefer to riff off the objects I find and let them chart the initial course. Flotsam and jetsam speak to me, and I amplify that discourse into assemblages that often result in surprising resonances. Sometimes they’re beautiful. Sometimes they’re disturbingly familiar. Sometimes they’re archeological evidence of a once proud civilization.

I’ve been doing this since I was 9 years old, when I fabricated “trophies” for my older brothers to commemorate their most memorable screw-ups. I can’t seem to stop.

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