Project Description

PhilCo (2018-Present)


“PhilCo” is my 7th ArtCar since 1983.

As with the “Truck in Flux” and “Daisy Singer” I’m starting with a new car – I spend thousands of hours creating these ArtCars so I want them to last.  Besides, there’s nothing like the feeling of drilling into a brand new car . . .

The name refers to both my first name and the radio & appliance company.  PhilCo (short for the “Philadelphia Company”) was an industrial stalwart through both World Wars before being bought by Ford in 1961. An appropriate moniker, therefore for an ArtCar built from an assortment of mid-20th century automobile and appliance parts.

Bones and horns burst through the metal skin of this ArtCar.  125 years of manufacturing history can’t suppress the organic nature of this beast.

For those interested in the building process and various components, I’ve chronicled the making of PhilCo in my blog.  For everyone else I hope these photos convey PhilCo’s flavor.

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