Project Description

Mod Maverick ArtCar (1984-1989)

Ro Cooper and I painted Ken Elmore’s Maverick. One side was op-art, while the other was mixed media. The mixed media side featured a lot of imagery of Ken’s grandfather, who was a sheriff in Quincy, Illinois. Ken & Tina (his partner at the time) drove this Maverick back to Quincy and also moved to Colorado with it. Ken still has a couple of the doors in his yeard in Eugene, Oregon.

Ro (a.k.a. “Roc Stoner,” a.k.a. “Roc Anger,” a.k.a. “Rox”) and Ken were both involved in the 1980s performance art pieces, and Ro made an incredible, painted 50 foot woman. Actually 50 feet tall, this woman was on her back, made out of cardboard, and her skin was completely covered with Ro’s painting, which I describe as De Kooning in Mexico. It was an awesome work that he LIVED in for a week (inside the University of Oregon Art Gallery) and on the final night we did this performance where, you guessed it, Ro was “born” out of his creation’s (ahem) birth canal. Ro reassembled his woman in an Oregon basil field and burnt it to the ground (work was lit by a flaming crossbow arrow). Great fate for a great piece, presaging Burning Man by at least a couple years.

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