Project Description

Frigo (working title: 2019-?)


This is a new Honda HR-V that I purchased to make my next ArtCar with. “Frigo” is a working title – it’s French slang for a refrigerator. I plan to use metal skins from 50-year-old appliances (with shotgun holes).

“How can you do that to a new car?”

It’s the best path. The “Truck in Flux” and “Daisy Singer” both started as new cars, and they are both still on the road. I spend thousands of hours creating these ArtCars; I don’t want to see them junked.

True, I initially decrease the bluebook value when I alter these cars. But after six years my ArtCars are worth more than standard market estimates. After ten years, it’s substantially more. But “value” aside, I’d start with a fresh vehicle anyway.

There’s nothing like drilling into a brand new car . . .

Stay tuned to my blog – and this page – for updates on “Frigo.”

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