Daisy Singer ArtCar (2004 – Present)

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Daisy Singer is so named because of two objects attached to it. I started to artify this brand new 2004 Honda Element in Marcola, Oregon, with my mentor, Jack DeVore. He had an old SINGER sewing machine treadle and an old DAISY stove door. The names on these iron relics just seemed to fit for some strange reason. Later I found out that Daisy Singer, sewing machine heiress, left her fortune to whoever found her will in a bottle. She tossed this bottle into London’s Thames River in 1937, and it washed ashore in San Francisco in 1949 to be found by a very lucky beachcomber named, of course, Jack.

So Daisy Singer it is!

My ambitions with this ArtCar are formal, not thematic, focusing on design & texture. I am creating something antique and curvilinear out of a new shoebox. I am indulging my love of oxidation – the patina of decay. Daisy is an earthy ArtCar, which fits in nicely with the fiery Truck in Flux, and the aquatic Buick of Unconditional Love. Like the Buick of Unconditional Love and the Truck in Flux, this ArtCar features a living garden on the roof.

Daisy has already traveled extensively from Canada to Arizona and I plan to take it on ArtCar tours to schools & hospitals around North America.

Daisy Singer (2004-present)
photos © Harrod Blank & Jillian Northrup

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