Web Cartoons

I was in charge of acquiring content for Mondo Media’s web cartoon network from 1999-2001. Flash was brand new and Mondo had a great idea and great content but was ahead of its time in 2000. The cartoons are great and the artists who created them are credited in each of the clips below. I show them here in the hopes that others can appreciate their work.

“Aachi  & Ssispak”


“Humphrey episode #1”

“Humphrey episode #2”

“Humphrey episode #3”

“Heads vs Tails chapter 1”

“Heads vs Tails chapter 2”

“World Record Heroes”

“The Adventures of Elmo Aardvark”

“Groove Chamber”

“Sex Slave Super Spy”

“Life on Planet Irth”


“Kevin Spencer”

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