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Exercise while you game

With every new year, gamers across the globe see resolutions come and go. Dreams of getting fit slip away with releases of new games. Unfortunately, it’s not only our resolution that gets forgotten, but also our health that gets cast aside while we game our lives away. Well, Tao Wellness just announced a new product, the Tao Wellshell, that aims to make exercise easier on the go and bring it into your gaming.

Tao Wellness, a fitness company based out of the US, will have you practicing isometric exercises via the Tao Wellshell, which means that you will be stationary and building strength by applying pressure rather than extended motion. Depending on your position you will be able to exercise your bicep, triceps, pectorals, and even your abs while working out with the Wellshell.

The device will sync up with your iOS or Android devices and tell you when to apply more or less pressure while you work out. It is easy and can be done anywhere, but what about the games?

Not much has been released yet in terms of what games will be playable with the Wellshell, but there are videos that show people using the Wellshell with Jetpack Joyride and an unnamed skiing game. The games that will be playable with this device have to be simplistic by nature, as your only form of control is pressure.


The controls are limiting, but if you can get some casual gaming in while building up strength and burning calories, it’s a win win situation right? The Wellshell is expected to be released this fall and will cost between $200-300 for both the device and the app. When asked whether or not the Wellshell would make it to Asian markets, Tao’s President and Co-founder, Philo Northrup, had this to say:

”I’m sure TAO will be available in Asia, however I cannot say for certain what the timing will be. We are meeting with companies who do have expertise in taking a product like TAO to market, and these meetings will determine the optimum path to get TAO to Asian consumers.”

TAO-Wellness-best-of-ces-2014-finalistThe Wellshell is definitely making waves at CES and has even been nominated as a Best of CES finalist. Be sure to keep an eye out for this piece of equipment later this year.

by Christopher Allison
VIA: Game in Asia

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