06 Dec Maker Spotlight: Philo Northrup

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Name: Philo Northrup City: Reno, Nevada Makerspace: Home garage studio Day Job: President of a start-up called ActivBody Me with my 6th ArtCar, Daisy Singer, at a burned out gas station. Photo by Charles Russell. How’d you get started making? I started making trophies for my older brothers when I was about 10 years old. […]

20 Jul This Work of Art Obeys Traffic Laws

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This Work of Art Obeys Traffic Laws Philo Northrup, 54, an entrepreneur from Reno, Nev., on his art car, as told to A.J. Baime: An art car is a permanently modified, street-legal vehicle. People create them everywhere. It’s not a parade float. The modifications are artistic, and the car exists in the normal world. That’s […]

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