Both ArtGolf and ArtCars are excellent examples of art that engages people through play. ArtGolf started as “Demolition Croquet” in the early 1980s where one whacked croquet ball through dishes and lamps via water and sand hazards. It’s strangely satisfying to break dishes in this way, and it sounds great too. This evolved into a fully functional 18 hole Mini-Golf course.

I did some of the holes and got other artists to design and build the rest. In 1990 LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) commissioned a course and this exhibition was covered by all the local TV and print media, as well as National Public Radio and a big story in the Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately this spawned a lot if copycat courses as museums all over the states had artists build mini-golf courses for fund raising events. No matter, as by the early 1990’s I was getting more interested in ArtCars.

In 2007 the Maker Faire commissioned a new course, and for this I turned to the Design Firm “Because We Can.” They designed and built an entirely new course which ended up being the Favorite exhibit at Maker Faire (5 blue ribbons)

Original ArtGolf Course

Original ArtGolf Course


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