This section chronicles my career in videogames, animation, software, hardware & graphic novels from 1994 to the present. Please see my resume for details.

Co-Founded EZD Productions in 2008 to develop new intellectual property. EZD is now known as TAO-Wellness, as our focus is the TAO mobile exercise system which was nominated for Best of CES in 2014. EZD started, VIE – a next-gen Virtual World game and social casino with stunning graphics designed to be female-friendly.”

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Before EZD (2001-2007), I was Executive Producer at Foundation 9 / Backbone Entertainment, which grew into the largest independent games developer company in North America while I was there. My duties focused on developing and managing that growth.


During this period I had the privilege to manage over 50 games & animation projects involving just about every leading publisher and developer. Through my positions at Backbone, ImaginEngine, Mondo Media, Broderbund and Living Books I have worked with the world’s top licenses (Batman, Mickey Mouse, The Incredibles, Scooby Doo, Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, Paul Frank, Dr. Seuss, etc…) Just in case you’re skimming this part, let me repeat: this includes Batman, Green Eggs and Ham, and Big Daddy ‘Ratfink’ Roth! Another aspect of this work I like is getting in on the ground floor with many cool original IPs, such as Death Jr, Happy Tree Friends, Elmo Aardvark, Bulbo and lots more, that unfortunately, you’ve never heard of.

At each company I reworked the budgetary process to predict costs and track progress. At each company I have had responsibility for both operations and business development. The past 15 years have had a decidedly entrepreneurial slant, starting with Mondo’s transition from 3D services to a syndicated web entertainment company. After that I helped grow F9e from ImaginEngine (25 people) to Backbone, to Foundation 9 (1000 people). Good preparation for managing a start-up company.
 My own education consists of a law degree – Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon (focus on copyright and trademark law), and a BA cum laude from Vanderbilt University (American Studies Major).

2007 was a sabbatical year for me and was completely devoted to my sculpture. I created a new body of work, which was exhibited at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and the True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA. I received an National Endowment for the Arts for my work with ArtCars, and brought ArtGolf® out of retirement.


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