//ArtCar Assembly – Electrical

ArtCar Assembly – Electrical

 Wiring ArtCars is a black art.  The key things to remember:

  • lots of fuses
  • Solid connectors and seal with tape even ‘tho you don’t absolutely need to
  • use new wiring: red for hot; black for ground
  • label all wires like crazy
  • more fuses
  • make sure you can get access for troubleshooting (don’t seal off wiring you don’t have to)
  • Take your time

  Here’s my control switch plate for inside.

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Philo Northrup is an artist who has been creating ArtCars since 1983. He founded the annual ArtCar Fest in 1997 with Harrod Blank. You can see Philo's ArtCars, artworks and exhibitions here: http://philo-northrup.com

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